Background, Work, Personal + Expertise

"Food is boundless. Between the art of cooking itself, to the connections we form from sharing a meal with other people, it is a vessel for togetherness."


My interest in journalism was sparked at the start of high school. I was editing our school's yearbook, and on a whim, decided I would apply to the magazine staff for the following year. After an interview process I was accepted on the staff of Trident Magazine at Corona del Mar High School; the rest was history. I quickly worked my way up the totem pole and during my junior year, became the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, leading a team of talented individuals. I learned the ins and outs of running a (small-scale) magazine, leading pitch workshops, editing and proofing layouts on Adobe InDesign, and writing my own editorial pieces. My love and dedication towards magazine journalism transcended the limitations of my high school career, and upon entering UCSB for my undergraduate education in Communication and Multimedia Writing, I decided I needed to continue pursuing this passion. I applied and was accepted into an intership at Santa Barbara Life + Style Magazine.


Santa Barbara Life + Style Magazine is a print and online publication focusing on lifestyle, dining, travel, and fashion surrounding the Central Coast. As a Writer and Content Coordinator for SBLS Magazine, I have 20+ published features and columns in the bi-monthly print magazine. I specialize in the food and dining landscape of the region. From Ojai to Santa Ynez and in between, I have enhanced my palate (and writing skills) trying new things everywhere I go. In the past year, I have been lucky enough to travel for work, bringing me to Cartagena, Vail, and Palm Springs. Alongside these features, I write various magazine copy, curate social media content in accordance with the latest issue's content, and work as an assistant food-stylist on shoots.

The work featured in my portfolio is a collection of my published written pieces in SBLS magazine. I plan to expand my portfolio in the near future to include personal editorials and narratives.

Food is boundless. Between the art of cooking itself, to the connections we form from sharing a meal with other people, it is a vessel for togetherness. The goal of my writing is to encourage people to resonate with the beauty of food. Between the craftmanship that goes into something as simple as a loaf of bread, or the accents that transform dining into a sensory experience, I hope to highlight these nuances in my writing. I am hopeful that the next chapter of my post-grad life and career will keep me involved in the ever-evolving culinary landscape, where this interest can intersect with my passion for writing.

Personal Life

I grew up in Southern California for the majority of my life after moving from my birthplace of Manhattan, New York, to the West Coast. Growing up by the beach instilled a deep admiration for the natural beauty around me, influencing my creative eye from a young age. I took an interest in travel, art, and cooking at the hands of my mother who learned to cook at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France (not to mention my idyllic scenario). I took a liking to these same interests, and they have evolved into aspects of my life which I aim to incorporate into my evolving work.

When I am not studying or working, you'll find me watching the surfers in my sunny backyard, pirousing the thrift stores, or testing my latest recipe in the kitchen.